Capital Scum Interview 2004

Capital Scum interview (21.10.2004)

Capital Scum is founded in the late 70’s by the two brothers Larry and pies. They recorded 5 tracks for the famous ‘ALLE 24 GOED’ compilation. Here is an interview with the founders of the Hageland hardcore. Can you introduce the band, give a brief history including the current line up?

The band started practicing in 1983 and played there first gigs in the beginning of 1984.The line-up was Pies: vocals, Larrie: guitar, Gunter: bass, Sox:drums. After the second show we were asked to do 5 songs for the alle 24 goed compilation. After this recordings Gunter was replaced by Jurgenowski on bass. In this line up we recorded The Clutch the flag ep and Tsjernokill lp and a lot of compilation material. This is also the line up we came back with in 2002. Halfway 2003 Jurgenowski left the band because he always had to leave Belgium for many months for his work. And he is replaced by or good friend HP.

Hanz also plays in Strangle the Parrot, does the other members play (or have played) in other bands?

Yes Hanz (HP) is a guy who lives for his music. He plays in Capital Scum, Strangle the parrot (rock) but also in STENDHAL (post-rock, alternative movie music, a 3 piece band with 2 bases and a drum + synth pieces). Sox played in a few metal bands SOX MACHIENE & BIDDEN. Are former bass player Jurgnowski played in RED ZEBRA for 15 years. Pies and Larrie never played in other bands.

Who writes the lyrics? What are the topics you write about and where do you get your inspiration?

Pies, Larrie and Sox write the lyrics. It’s mostly about daily life (work, alcohol, murder, war, relationships, prison, friends and stuff like that. There’s also politics and a little bit of horror in the lyrics. I’m a huge horror freak and that’s the reason that on the new album will also be a few horror related lyrics. But most of the time it’s about daily life, still the best subject to write lyrics about I think.

What’s the main goal Capital Scum wants to achieve, is there a specific message you want to tell the audience?

The main goal of Capital Scum is to make great music, have fun. And especially we want the people to have fun. You only life once, try not to fuck up your life. Make the best of it and have fun. Do what you like and love to do. I think that’s a great message.

Around 1989 Capital Scum called it a day, what made the band quit?

I myself left the band in the beginning of 1987. We played constantly and there was almost no time to make new songs. I had a little bit of a burn out and quit the band. That’s not always a smart thing to do because playing in a band is like daily life. It has ups and down. But like they say after the rain comes the sun. But anyway I have no regrets I left the band at that time. It was the way it had to be I guess. The guys played another two years with a new singer named Vark. After a few years there where some musical differences and Vark and Sox left the band. Larrie was sad his dream broke up and sold his equipment. Jurgenowski joined Red Zebra to play for the next 15 years. And Vark is today a Robbie Williams look alike and imitator…BLOODY HELL !

In 2002 Capital Scum restarted, did you missed the old days or did you just wanted to make music again?

It’s not that I really missed the old days but I missed the power of playing hardcore music live on stage. I asked my brother Larrie, Sox and Jurgenowski if they were interested to resurrect CS and they all agreed. And the strange thing about it is. When we where back on stage I had the feeling we never had stopped with the band. It was a great feeling to be back, something like coming home.

What bands inspired Capital Scum back in the 80ties? Does they still influence you now or are there other influences now?

Back in the eighties (we still do this day) we listened to English bands like THE VARUKERS, DISHARGE, GBH, THE EXPLOITED, ENGLISH DOGS. But also great American bands like BAD BRAINS, DEAD KENNEDYS, BATTALION OF SAINTS, AGNOSTC FRONT, and DRI. I think they al had some influence on are music. And probably today still have. But I think today’s hardcore has also an influence on are music. Larrie is a 100% hardcore freak. He listens to no other music than punk and hardcore so I’m pretty much sure his guitar playing is also influenced by the new hardcore bands.

I’ve read in your biography that in the 80’ties the Hageland Hardcore scene was very popular and many foreign bands played in Scherpenheuvel. To name a few: Government Issue, Spermbirds, Suicidal Tendencies,… How was the Belgium hardcore/punk scene back then? Is there a lot of difference comparing to the Belgium scene nowadays? Are there still other Belgium bands active from those days?

In the Eighties there was a big feeling a unity. Everybody knew everybody. You saw always the same people at all the shows. I think the scene is pretty much the same now as then. But HC and punk are more accepted by the mainstream I think. A few weeks ago we played on a carnival in Scherpenheuvel and the common people loved it. That would not be possible in the eighties. Today you can do shows with Metal, Rock and Hardcore together and that’s a great thing. The scene where I live in Scherpenheuvel was pretty much dead for the last 15 years but now there’s coming new life again with great new bands like SLS (metal core), USELESS (punk rock) and TOD POLE (old school hardcore). You should check out these bands when you have the change. Bands from the eighties still playing today are WR3, VORTEX, THE DIRTY SCUMS, FUNERAL DRESS.

Are there any special plans for the future?

We recorded material for a full cd in September and we hope see it in stores beginning next year. There’s also a guy from the USA who’s going to re issue the eighties material on one cd .That’s also going to happen beginning next year. And we love to play in Germany and Holland again. We played there a lot in the eighties. And some day we love to go to the USA.

Any final comments?

Thanks for the interview Christophe, its people like you who do a great job to keep the scene alive. CLUTCH THE FLAG AND KEEP ON MOSHING!!!

Thank u and good luck!



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