Deadline Interview 2007 (Groezrock)

Deadline interview answered by Hervé at Groezrock 2007 (28.04.2007)

OOS: “You are back in Belgium. It is the first time on this festival.”

Hervé: “It’s the first time we play Groezrock, yes.”

OOS: “What do you think about this festival?”

Hervé: “It’s great, it’s great. We played big festivals like this in Germany but it’s the first time we play one in Belgium. We played festivals in Belgium before and we played big shows like in Antwerp but it’s the first big festival here.”

OOS.: “It’s the biggest hardcore and punk festival in Belgium.”

Hervé: “This one, yeah. It’s a good mixture of bands. I mean, lots of hardcore bands, punk bands, … it’s really big.”

OOS.: “It was not always this big. In the beginning there was only one tent with a few hundreds of people, now there are a few thousands.”

Hervé: “That’s good, it’s a success story.”

OOS.: “You have a new album out: ‘Take a good look’. How are the critics so far?”

Hervé: “Every time we try to do something a bit different. Most critics are good but some people say “Ooh … the album has changed, Deadline used to be an Oi band, now they play hardcore.” or some people say “They used to be punk, now they play pop, you know.” I mean I’ve got different sorts of feedback on this album. This is the album I would have liked to do, that’s our number one but in the past we couldn’t record that well, we didn’t know how to play that well, we didn’t know how to write good songs like that. For me this is the best album, it’s just an evolution. You listen to it and then you make up your mind. I think it is a good mixture.”

OOS.: “In my opinion Deadline is probably the hardest working punk rock band from the UK.”

Hervé: ” I don’t know, I don’t know all the bands, but yes we work hard, haha….”

OOS.: “You are on tour most of the year.”

Hervé: “Yeah we are on tour 2, 3, 4 months a year, I guess. We play every weekend, we play a lot of shows.”

OOS.: “Aren’t you getting tired of it?”

Hervé: “No, if we get tired of it, we stop. We don’t do it for the money, I mean yeah, of course we get money to play but we don’t lose money normally, well not in Europe. If we go to America we lose money so we don’t go there anymore. You can’t afford to lose money but … you know, we enjoy it.”

OOS.: “Do you have day jobs?”

Hervé: “We have day jobs, yeah. I work in a school, I’m a teacher. Liz works in an electrician’s company, she’s an engineer. We have day jobs but we use all our holidays, we take extra unpaid leave to go on the road. Sometimes we lose jobs and have to find another one. When we come back from a tour, it’s dedication. We love it. As soon as it becomes boring, we stop.”

OOS.: “It’s dedication but it also takes a lot of energy.”

Hervé: “It takes energy but we got energy … we like it … we enjoy it. If we don’t enjoy it we stop straight away.”

OOS.: “Deadline has undergone some line-up changes. Being a hardworking live band, doing lot of shows doesn’t make it easy to keep a steady line-up?”

Hervé: “No, it is really hard because it’s like I said, if you make really good money with the band of course everyone will stay with the band. But sometimes you lose your job, you lose your girlfriend because you are on the road for two months or so … Some of the boys, some of the ex-band members couldn’t’ keep up with that. They would like to have a stable life, they enjoyed being in a band for two years, drink lots of beer in different countries but then they want to settle down, stay home, play video games, spent time with their girlfriends. We also sacked a couple of past members because they weren’t good enough, they didn’t have the right attitude…it’s a bit of both, I guess. We just want the best line-up; the one we got now is pretty good.”

OOS.: “Now you are doing a Euro-tour with Tiger Army; how is it going?”

Hervé: It’s going really well, they are like us, and they are quiet backstage, you know they like to keep things quiet. That is good for us, you know. When we are on the road we like to keep for example the backstage non-smoking because smoke is not good for Liz’s voice. Tiger Army guys are exactly the same: they like to keep things quiet. It’s good; they are a nice bunch of guys. They attract a lot of Hellcat/Epitaph kids -because they are on Hellcat- and lots of different crowds, which is good for us so we play before bigger crowds.”

OOS: “That’s also typical for this festival; you got all sorts of people: hardcore kids, punk rockers, skins …”

Hervé: “Yeah, it’s a good mixture.”

OOS.: “How did you actually end up on a tour with Tiger Army ?”

Hervé: “That’s all thanks to our label, People Like U; they got in touch with their agency and asked if they could get one of their bands on the tour. The agency checked us out and said we seemed cool, they liked our music and that’s how we got on the tour.”

OOS.: “You didn’t play with them before.?”

Hervé: “No, they didn’t know us very well. They probably know us from one of the other American bands we played with … they knew we were nice people haha…”

OOS.: “That was it, thank you.”

Hervé: “Yeah, perfect.”

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