Fullcirclebroken Interview 2004

Fullcirclebroken interview (03.12.2004)

Can you introduce the band, give a brief history including the current line up?

Fullcirclebroken is a hardcoreband from the area of Deinze (Belgium) which consists of 5 different people with their own musical tastes and different views on life. And it are in fact those differences that make fullcirclebroken to what it is right now. We started about 2 years ago with the idea to form a new band after the break-up of Cry For Change, a metalcore band where I played the bass, Alexxx played the guitar and Thomas played the drums. The Houdini Five, the band where Thomas played guitar and Relle played the drums also broke up around that time. We started with Tomadde on drums and that worked out really great in the beginning, but the musical differences were to great to go on together so we asked Relle to join us since he wasn’t drumming in any other band, and he accepted. In the meanwhile, after trying out some other candidates, we had also found Karel, our singer, through an ad on the internet. We connected immediately and so the line-up of fullcirclebroken was complete. It’s hard for us to describe the music we play. It’s kind of a combination between hardcore, metal, emo and rock. When we’re writing songs, the way the song turn out to be all depends on the mood we’re in. But still I think we have an overall sound in which the drumparts have a big influence. The line-up of the band is: Alexxx: guitar, Thomas: guitar, Karel: vocals, Relle: drums and xThomasx: bass.

The band is from Deinze, are there a lot of people involved in the hardcore scene?

We have some hardcore and punkbands in our region, such as Sweet Poison, Fist of Fury, Class Dismissed, Daisy Temple… A couple of years ago there were more people involved in hardcore but I think there’s a new generation of hardcore kids on the rise in our town. I think there are a lot of people who are interested in the music but not so much in the hardcore way of life. But that’s ok for me, cause I think when they listen to the music they’ll get a part of the message. In February (2004) we played our first show with all local bands and there were 200 people, so I think that’s great..

Who came up with the band name ‘Fullcirclebroken’? Has it got a special meaning?

Alexxx, our guitar player, one day came to the rehearsal with that name. We’re always leaving the name open for interpretation, and that’s the way it should be, I think. But initially, the idea behind the name was to create a way of describing with fullcirclebroken how perfect and full things can be in life, but also how easily that idea of perfection can be broken, just like that…

Fullcirclebroken has released his demo ‘cut all wires’. It has only 3 songs on it and is more a sample of what the band is all about. I guess it is intended to be a promo CD and not an actual first release?

Actually we see it as our first release as well as for promotional goals. Indeed it is a sample of who we are as a band. We sent a lot of copies to labels, but we also sell that demo tape on our show. We released it on our first show, so the people who watched and liked us could get a copy. It’s cool to see that after the shows we played so far the 300 copies made are mostly gone. The demo was recorded and mixed by Vince at Fivestar and he really did the best he could with it in the short time that he was given. We wanted the demo to be ready in time for our first show, so we kind of rushed things. But you know, we learned from that mistake and decided to take the next recordings one step at the time. Of course the songs on that tape are the proof of how we were in the beginning. The newest songs are a lot better (at least in my opinion) and when you see us live and you compare with that demo tape you can hear we matured and improved a lot.

Does the title have a special meaning?

Yes, in fact, we have chosen the title ‘Cut all wires’ because we like to see fullcirclebroken and our songs as a way to let things go. As a way to forget about what’s in the past, to cut everything loose and to look forward into the future. It’s also part of the lyric of ‘The Escape Plan’ on the demo and the song is written about believing in your ideals and working on their realization. In that way, you have to cut all the wires of the bomb, without thinking too much of the possibility of an explosion or you won’t reach what you want. So you can also interpret the title of the demo in that context.

How are the reactions so far? Does the band get a lot of attention?

We got some great reactions and of course also some lesser ones, but that’s only normal I think. Not everyone has to like the songs we play. The last months we get to play a lot of shows and the audience really seems to dig us, also outside the hardcore scene, which is very cool. The more shows we played the more intense and better we have become and we are still growing on stage. We really notice the difference in playing live compared to last summer. As I’m writing this we’re getting some more interviews and reviews so that’s really great for us. It’s cool to see people are getting an interest in our band.

I like the artwork it’s sober but cool who came up with that idea?

It was made by our friend xLampex at Nookyalur designs (www.nookyalur.com). He’s also the guy that came up with the design for our shirts and buttons. He came up with that idea and everybody liked it from the beginning. It’s sober but still appealing.

You describe the sound as powerful rocking hardcore with slight touches of about every genre that exists. I hear new school hardcore and metal influences. Which bands inspire you?

Everybody in the band listens to different bands ranging from pop songs to really blasting metal. For myself I can say that bands such as Thursday and Atreyu inspire me a lot. Maybe not in a sound alike way but in a structural way. I really like the differences in guitar parts in those two bands. Our singer is more inspired by bands as Taking Back Sunday and alike bands. While our drummers really likes rocky and punk bands and our guitar players are into bands like Isis and Swithblade, really heavy dragging music, and metalbands such as Soilwork and In Flames. Personally I don’t hear a lot of new school. When I hear new school I think of bands like Harvest, Despair, Disembodied and Earth Crisis. But it’s cool to hear what other people (like you) hear in our music.

Who writes the lyrics? What are the topics you write about and where do you get your inspiration?

Our singer mostly writes the lyrics, sometimes with the help of myself, or one of the other bandmembers. Most of our lyrics deal with relationship, communication issues, aspects of everyday life which include also politics, and most of the times about women, although our singer is in denial when it comes to that, haha. I think he gets his inspiration from what happens to him in his daily life or things that are on his mind. For fullcirclebroken, a lyric has to be one that you can relate to and that fits the overall feeling of the song.

Fullcirclebroken has planned an intensive Belgian tour and there are even plans for a lager European tour. How is it going with all this?

Right now we’re working on those Belgian show. As said before it’s going really well. We already played shows together with Amen Ra, Rise & Fall, Flatcat, Death Before Disco, Minus 45 Degrees… and we will play some shows together with Severance, Malkovich, The Maple Room, Lost in Rhone. We also played outside our region so we can’t complain. People are getting to know us, so the more shows the better. We had some plans visiting Austria, where we played before with our previous bands, but right now, we’ll save the plans for a European tour are for a later date. First we’re going to conquer Belgium and the rest of the world will follow later, haha.

Are there any plans, contacts, … for an upcoming full length?

For the moment we’re talking about doing some pre-productions somewhere in the spring of next year and sending those to a lot of labels. Maybe one of them will like those songs and will release it. That would be really cool. We already got a very positive reaction from an American label to release some songs on a split-CD, but we’ll see how that evolves. There aren’t any definitive plans and I think it’s important that we keep our minds open for what comes along.

Any final comments?

Thanks a lot for the interview! To the readers who already know us: thanks for checking us out and supporting us! We appreciate it a lot! For those of you who don’t know us yet: check out our website http://www.fullcirclebroken.be and we’ll hope to see you soon at one of our shows!

Thank u, good luck.



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