No Fun At All Interview Groezrock 2009

No Fun At All at Groezrock 2009

We’re back
At Groezrock I had a nice chat with No Fun At All’s front man Ingemar.
No Fun At All was in the mid nineties one of Europe’s leading
skatepunk bands. Unfortunately they broke up in 2001 but they came
back in 2004 to do some annual reunion shows. In 2008 they released a
new album called ‘low rider’. “Yes we are back, but with no real aim.
Now it is really fun to be in NFAA. We are having a good time”,
Ingemar said.

What we do best
NFAA played groezrock several times before, even as the headliner.
This year they played around 20h30. They are not disappointed because
they played Groezrock when maybe 600 people were visiting the festival
and now a few 10 000 people are coming to Groezrock. “The NFAA sound
is still popular, we did some smaller shows and still a lot of people,
young and old, visit our shows. We keep doing what we do best and it
seems like that even the new audience likes it.”

Hard times
At this point NFAA is not working on a follower of ‘Low Rider’. “We
will see what will happen, we take one day at a time now.” A nice way
of life in these uncertain times. We are living in an economical and
financial crisis worldwide and I asked Ingemar if this has his effect
on the band. “That’s the weirdest thing. If you look to the past,
culture and entertainment was always influenced by hard times. When we
came back everything died and I was like, shit what is going to
happen, but it worked out pretty well. I think people need to have
some entertainment in dark times.”

If NFAA would start all over again they would do more themselves. “I
think we would be more punk. NFAA would be more DIY, networking and
totally do the organisation of shows ourselves like we do with Hans
from Groezrock. We would release our records more by ourselves like
with Beat’em down records. It works out pretty fine. You have more
control on what you are doing.”

After all these years NFAA is still recognisable in sound and by their
logo. “It is not the work of great artwork skills but a simply ‘put
together’ kind of logo. A Quick job in the past but such a good logo.”


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