WR3 Interview 2005

WR3 interview (06.01.2005)

WR3 exists almost 25 years now. I guess that a lot of youngsters don’t now the band, can you introduce the band briefly?

The band is: Vocals: Wim, Guitar: Fab, Guitar: Cartouche, Bass: Pië, Drums: Dirk. We started at the age of fourteen and we’re still going on. We all believe that war is indiscriminate, it kills everyone!! For the youngsters today war is a PC-CD ROM Game!! It’s our duty to warn them!!

What’s the meaning of the band’s name W.R.3?

W.R.3 means War risk Three. Those fucked-up politicians already did it 2 times what’s keeping them from doing it a third time.

What was the motivation to start playing in a punk band in the 80’ties?

In the 80’s we had no other choice. There was this new, powerful music from the U.K. that blasted us right out of our shoes. We just had to do it. Playing music is a fine way to make a statement and you can reach out to a lot of people.

Bands as Sham 69, The Ramones, The Exploited, The Sex Pistols and so one influence WR3. Are there more recent bands that influence you?

Let’s say that at this moment we have found our own way. But bands we like are: Pennywise, Lagwagon, Ramstein, ….

What’s your favourite song ever written by WR3 and why?

Soldier Boy.
Why: It’s a song that says it all and the music is raw and hard.

You are known as an anti-war and anti-destruction band. Are you involved into anti-war, peace protests?

We try to make people think about what is happening today. Since World War 2 the war has never stopped, still everyone is talking about peace. We believe that when people work together a free world can exist whatever the colour or religion.

Are there other topics than war that influences your song writing?

Yes, that people should be having fun and learn from each other and live with each other. Enjoy life and make the most of it.

In your latest album ‘thank you mister president’ you give a big fuck you to President Bush? Did you expect his re-election?

No, we thought they’re had more brains, but once again the almighty dollar won the race.

Do you find politics important in music?

Our music is mend to blow their brains and make them think.

The Joy Division cover ‘love will tear us apart’ is nice, why did you pick this one to cover?

Ian Curtis was the best, he died too young. His music must be remembered.

Are there specific Belgium and/or International bands you would/don’t would like to be on stage with, and why?

Give us a stage and we play. We’ll play anywhere and with everybody.

Any final comments?

Punk is Not a Fashion!!!, it’s a way of life.

Thank u and good luck!


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