This Is a Standoff – Be Disappointed

be disappointed
This Is a Standoff – Be Disappointed
CD 2009 Funtime Records

If you call yourself a punk rock fan and you never heard of this Canadian band ‘This is a Standoff’, you should be ashamed. No, seriously, maybe you heard about the band Belvedere, well this band is what came from Belvedere’s ashes. ‘Be disappointed’ is the magnificent follow up record to their debut ‘Be Exited’ that was released by Funtime Records in 2007.
Back then I was amazed by the skills of this band but now they amazed me even more.
This Is a Standoff’s trademark is catchy, energetic, fast forward melodic punk rock brought by great and technically skilled musicians.
The new record is even more technical and a massive improvement to the previous album is that they have skipped lots of the poppy elements that slowed the music down. Be disappointed is not a disappointment at all and for a fan of fast forward up tempo punk rock this album certainly is a must have and one of the most essential melodic punk rock records of 2009. 8/10


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