Outbreak interview at Groezrock 2009

OOS: “You opened today at the Core Stage. How was the show?”

Ryan: “It was early, it was a good show though. Honestly there were more people then we expected. When we found out that we were playing at 10:30 in the morning we were … you know not pissed but … it went from oh we’re playing Groezrock like we are playing in front of 10 000 people to oh shit! we have the worst slot on the fest, and now we are playing for four people.”
Bryan: “No I was telling Ryan earlier, I said if there are 50 kids that come at 10:30 in the morning I’ll be stoked. But as soon as we hit our first chords we just see like hundreds of kids come marching in the tent, it was awesome. There were probably 1000 people their. It was good.”

OOS: “When Outbreak was announced to play Groezrock people were telling on the Internet that the prefer to see Outbreak in a smaller venue, on a smaller stage like in Hasselt a few year back. They don’t fit in on a big stage?”

Brian: “Outbreak is more known to play smaller shows in basements and smaller clubs but we all have been touring for years and to get an opportunity like this is awesome if you know what I mean. Now we can do anything between playing in front of 50 kids or in front of 1000 kids. It is very different but we got the opportunity to do it all. We definitely like it.”
Ryan: “I can understand how some kids think when one of their favourite bands is signing a major record deal or blowing up. They are like: “Oh no this band that I had in my pocket … now kids of my school are into them.” I can understand that but we are still and probably always will be a small band. For every festival we play in front of 5000 people we are still playing 50 shows in a small disgusting slot.” (Brian: “We love it!”) “So for kids to trash us for this, it is kind of whatever.”

OOS: “Your latest album was ‘failure’. Are you working on a follower?”

Ryan: “Yes, actually we are. Late summer hopefully, early fall we have it out. In the meantime we are putting out a new 7”. It comes out on June 9th and it is called ‘work to death’ on Think Fast Records.”
Brian: “It is going to be 2 songs on the 7” and both of the songs are going to be on the full length. We’re still in the writing process, we’re almost done after this tour we go in the studio in the Boston area in May to start that process.”

OOS: “Some good bands are playing today. Looking forward to see any?”

Ryan: “I’m looking forward to see ‘Nations of fire’ a new band I’m putting out a 7” for (Think Fast Records), Rise Against and who else …”
Brian: “The Get Up Kids for me. I very exited to see the Get Up Kids. Get Up Kids!”
Ryan: “There are a lot of bands but it’s a crazy day. We try to sell merchandise, hanging out with friends, then 3 bands are playing at once, … it is crazy.”

OOS: “doing interviews…”

Ryan: “yeah, all the interviews, it’s a hard life man. We have to go back to our bus after this … ha ha … we did not have a choice to tour on a bus. This tour package was bus or you don’t come so … but they can be happy to know that we are going to loose a lot of money … ha ha.”

OOS: “Thanks for the chat.”

Go visit http://www.myspace.com/outbreak and http://www.thinkfastrecords.com.


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