MUCKY PUP: Re-issues of “A Boy In A Man’s World” and “Now”, a total of 29 songs, all remastered, with new artwork, for the price of 1 CD! In stores on September 7th in Europe!!

Formed in the mid-’80s, New Jersey comedic hardcore metallists Mucky Pup, known for its schizophrenic combi-nation of juvenile humor, political sarcasm, and pounding riffs, paved the way for such future juvenile acts as the Bloodhound Gang, and many other acts in the 90’s.

Today 20 years after the release of “A Boy In A Man’s World”, and this while the band’s heading out to Europe on tour – see attached tour dates!! – I Scream Records is proud to re-issue this classic album together with the bands 1990 release “Now”. 29 songs, remastered, new artwork and all that for the price of one (1) CD!

The band made one US appearance in New Jersey on April 11, 2009, performing to a sold out crowd, leaving everybody wanting for more…

Stigmata’s celebrating their 20th anniversary and it won’t be unnoticed!!
In stores in Europe on September 7th!!

I Scream Records is releasing “The Wounds That Never Heal”, a re-issue of the Stigmata albums “Hymns For An Unknown God” and “Do Unto Others”, on September 7th 2009, the year Stigmata is doing a few reunion shows to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The band officially stopped performing in 2001 (although doing 2 exclusive shows in 2005 and 1 in 2008) and Stigmata alumni have gone on to make big musical waves with the likes of Shadows Fall, Murderers Row, Great Day For Up, Dead Rabbits, Crisis, to name a few.
This is a collection of two hardcore legacy, hard to find albums with a total of 20 solid, in-your-face, no-holds-barred hardcore tracks, and 1 extra bonus track, all for the price of one CD!

Stigmata ruled the Upstate New York hardcore and metal scene with their street smart, musical urban warfare and have developed a strong and loyal following in the underground hard music scene.
This is without a doubt THE album that can get the job done if you are in need of a heavy music fix with attitude!!

Reno Divorce’s new album “Tears Before Breakfast”, as gritty, greasy, and down-n-dirty as it gets!
In stores in Europe on September 7th!!

Reno Divorce are set to unleash their finest (half) hour yet – the unrelenting punk rock n’ roll hit fest that is their new album, “Tears Before Breakfast”, with 11 melodic punk rock anthems, for the fans of Gaslight Anthems, Social Distortion, Zeke, Agent Orange, The Stray Cats,…

Originally formed in Orlando, FL in 1996 and based out of Denver, CO since 2000, Reno Divorce have built a huge fanbase across North America, toured the US and Europe several times and will continue to do so, starting with a tour of the major European Summer festivals. Reno Divorce has been nominated for Best Punk Band in Denver in Westword magazine in 2005, 2006, and 2008. They also were in the Top 10 Finalists in the 93.3 FM KTCL Hometown For The Holidays contest in 2007 & 2008, shared the stage with Reverend Horton Heat, Henry Rollins, Street Dogs, Agnostic Front, Angel City Outcasts, The Dead Kennedys, Mad Sin and many more…
Make sure to check these guys out because this is probably one of the best punkrock records of the last decade!! Hey, who are we, you don’t have to take our word for it, but still…


Massachusetts-based Defeater is tucked away at Getaway Recording Studio for the next month recording a double 7” six song EP that will be titled Lost Ground. Focusing on the “prophet” from the song “Prophet In Plan Clothes” (track 6 on their last album, Travels), this EP will be a narrative in a similar style to Travels while once again showcasing the diversity of Defeater. Guitarist Jay Maas said, “I think it’s going to be a more dynamically interesting record than our last and it will take a few extra chances songwriting-wise. I was pretty pleased with Travels but we never want to make the same record twice.” The Lost Ground EP will be available November 17th (US) in stores and online from Bridge Nine Records.

Formed in Massachusetts in 2004 and solidified in 2008 from a diverse background of musicians, Defeater is a forward-thinking hardcore band with more to them than just mosh parts. The band has a wide array of influences and at first listen, you’ll hear tracks reminiscent of Botch and Deadguy mixed with traditional hardcore. Ethically influenced by bands like Fugazi and musically by Minor Threat and Modern Life Is War – Defeater is no copycat band. Their debut full-length, Travels, is a concept album that was hailed as “a new artistic peak for hardcore” by and was re-released by Bridge Nine last February.

Expect to see Defeater on tour this Fall in support of the release Lost Ground on November 17th and stay tuned to for more information.


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