Incite – The Slaughter CD review




Incite – The Slaughter

CD 2009 I Scream Records

Maybe the name Incite doesn’t ring a bell but I ‘m sure the name CAVALERA does. If so, you know that his can only mean one thing: METAL!!! I’m not the biggest metal expert but when I hear the name Cavelera, I always want to check it out. This is actually the main reason I wanted to check this band out. It is not a new band with Max (Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) or Igor (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy) but its the metal band from Max stepson Richie. Incite was founded in 2004 and has already released an EP called ‘Divided We Fall’ (self release). With Incite Richie is trying to get into his stepfathers footsteps. To be honest Richie’s vocal capacities aren’t equal to his stepfather’s. They are a disappointment. Musically the powerful and energetic mix of death metal, trash and hardcore is good but the vocals are monotone. The slaughter is not a bad album, it’s a good effort but it is not amazingly great. Hopefully Richie can train is singing capacities and get them to a higher level so that the band can grow into something amazingly good.


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