Dick Black – The Lion and the Cheetah CD review

Dick Black – The Lion & the Cheetah

CD 2009 DIY/Funtime Distribution


It was about time that Dick Black, a rock’n’roll trio from Leuven/Mechelen, released their debut full length after releasing a very promising demo a few years back (even some songs from this demo are re-released on the debut). If you like trailer park trash, moustaches, blues, stonerrock and a no-nonsense rock’n’roll attitude then Dick Black is your band and ‘The lion & the Cheetah’ is your soundtrack.

What can I say about this album … its great. ‘The Lion & the Cheetah’ is just pure rock’n’roll extravaganza. The songs make you want to dance and shout; it’s packed with humour and you never loose your interest. You can say that they don’t bring anything new, that its all been said and done but that’s bollocks. When Dick Black puts all their influences in their rock’n’roll blender, the result is quit unique. Forget all about that mainstream rock music (okay not all: support Customs!) and pick up these legendary underground rockers.



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