Lost Department – Things of Flesh and Blood CD review


Lost Department – Things of flesh and blood

CD 2009 Funtime Records

Metal from Brussels, that’s Lost Department (aka Lo.DEP). Sounds good already don’t you think but when I drop the names Ace Zec (production), Alan Douches (mastering) and Franky DSVD (additional vocals on the title track) it even sounds way better.

Lost Department is a heavy rocking sextet who just released their first full length on Funtime Records. The band plays hard rock with elements of metal, (progressive) rock, hardcore and pop. Their sound is so divers that it will appeal to a very divers audience. If you like heavy music with clean vocals, you will love the softer parts on this album. If you are more into scream and grunts, you will enjoy the record to. ‘Things of flesh and blood’ even has something to offer for the fans of trash metal. It’s the diversity in sound that makes Lo.DEP and this album very interesting. On the other hand it can also be a pain in the ass when you like one sound more then the other and the sound you hate is dominating. My opinion about this album is that it is a good rocking and divers album. The thing I don’t like about this album is the cover art.



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