Ruiner is gearing up to hit the road for their European Winter tour in support of Hell Is Empty. Released in September of this year, Hell Is Empty showcases Ruiner at their finest- capturing the sound of modern hardcore, punk, and straight-up rock as the band dabbles in more diverse vocal patterns and songwriting that will produce just as many stage dives and singalongs that the band has become known for. Lyrically, Ruiner touches on personal sentiments such as disillusion with the world, desolation, lost love, self-loathing and disappointment. As boldly stated by Alternative Press, “this kind of heart-on-sleeve emotional punk rock has gone back to where it belongs–the underground, and bands like Ruiner are creating music without any preconceptions or barriers…” One of the most sonically and emotionally punishing records of the year, Lambgoat claims ” fans of intelligent, well-executed hardcore” will love Hell Is Empty.

Beginning the 28th of November, Ruiner will be bringing new songs off of Hell Is Empty to Germany, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, until the middle of December. Called one of the top hardcore records of 2009 by, Hell Is Empty is sheds light on Ruiner at the most realized point in their career, both musically and lyrically. Tour dates are below. Don’t miss new live songs in a city near you.

Ruiner European Tour

11/29 @ Juha West – Stuttgart, Germany

11/29 @ Beatclub –Dessau, Germany

12/1 @ Insikten Kulturhuset –Jonkoping, Sweden

12/3 @ The Frontline –Ghent, Belgium

12/4 @ Club Revolution –Peterborough, UK

12/6 @ Rios –Leeds, UK

12/7 @ Satans Hollow –Manchester, UK

12/8 @ Underworld –London, UK

12/9 @ Le pub –Newport, UK

12/10 @ Les Tanneries – Dijon, France

12/11 @ Rosenau –Bayreuth, Germany

12/12 @ JZ Riot –Lichtenstein, Germany

12/14 @ Shelter –Wien, Austria

12/15 @ United Club –Turin, Italy

12/17 @ Blogos – Bologna, Italy

12/18 @ Picadilly – Brugg, Switzerland

12/19 @ Ex-Haus –Trier, Germany


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