Overweight – the World For Sale

Overweight – the World For Sale

CD 2009 DIY

Overweight is a band from Vlaams Brabant in Belgium that started as a punkrockband in 2001 but evolved into a skapunk band. The World For Sale is their newest release. Overweight did certainly not throw his punkrock roots overboard, on the contrary. On the World for Sale the punk influences, in my opinion, dominate the ska influences. Its your typical punkrock sound spiced up with a horn/brass section but their are plenty of ska tunes mixed in for the average ska(punk) lover. I like ska a lot and I’m into punkrock but I’m not always fond of skapunk. I sometimes have the feeling that skapunk bands want to play ska but suck at it so they stick to punkrock, add some horns to it just to make it sound a bit like ska. Not that this is the deal with Overweight; they are a promising more then average skapunk band with a lot of potential. The World For Sale certainly scores better than most of the skapunk releases that are coming from Germany, Switzerland, … So go check this band at http://www.myspace.com/overweightmusic or at http://www.overweightmusic.be.


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