Dowzer – Not as Plant

Dowzer – Not as Plant
CD DIY/Waterslide Records 2010

The Dutch poppunk trio Dowzer is back with the follower to ‘Concrete Smiles At Aisle Five’. ‘Concrete Smiles At Aisle Five’ was an enjoyable punkrock record full of poppy skatepunk, sing along punkrock and skapunk songs. ‘Not as plant’ is not just more of the same; it offers us a band that has grown.
Dowzer has added some more variations to their sound and ‘Not as plant’ is therefore less monotonous then ‘Concrete Smiles At Aisle Five’. The music is catchier, it has a good swing and a better vibe. There is a small dip in the middle of the album but it ends before track eight: ‘Having everything is having nothing to look forward to’.
Also lyrically the band has grown. I’ve the felling that the lyrics are more cheerless, more pessimistic and more depressing then before. Singing about living in a town with no future and being confronted with dumb people living a meaningless live is not very optimistic.
With ‘Not as Plant’ Dowzer makes a positive evolution. It is certainly a worthy follower to ‘Concrete Smiles At Aisle Five’.


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