Teenage Lust are taking an indefinite break.

I guess some of you have heard it by now, but for those who haven’t:

As of last Saturday, Teenage Lust are taking an indefinite break. We will not be playing any shows in the near future and we canceled both our plans to release a split 7″ and our first full length.

In short:
There’s been too much talk about our band and since it always starts with the same three people, we decided to walk away from it. In a world where family, friends and loved ones can randomly be taken away from us, it feels a bit stupid and disrespectful to be caught up in someone’s desperate attempt to make up for what they were denied in high school. Some of us grew up and moved on, others apparently haven’t. We think a line was crossed when two of our best friends became collateral damage.

Teenage Lust made this decision almost two months ago and we’re sticking to it. There will be no Last Waltz, as we are not The Band. That said, there is absolutely no bad blood within the band, but we feel it would be better not to play any last shows if we can’t put our hearts in it. And we can’t. However, we are humbled by people’s reactions and especially by the amount of people asking us to play one last show. We thank you for all the kind words, but we can’t.

Jeroen, Dennie & Fille will continue to create music together, they might come back as Teenage Lust, they might not.

We would like to thank every person and every band that we met along the way, everyone who put up shows, gave us food and/or a warm place to stay. With a special thank you to:
Filip O, Geert & Dries @ Seasons Records, Kasper, Krisse, Kevin VC, Rick & Brainwreck Records, Boekhouder, Kevin L, Ralf, Wim & Laura Milkshake, Teun, Isiah, Alexandra, Fanny, La Racaille, Els, Tove, Andreea & Edwin, Jonas & Merima, Ulf, Viktor S, Kristofer K, Erik H, Malin, Viktor E & Anton, Maarten & Wouter @ Breakout, Daav, Mike, Kevin & Natalie @ Perspective, Dries & Against The Haze Zine, Smaans @ JH Tesloo, Johan & Joerie @ Funtime Records/Radio, Kristof @ The Box and last but not least: All The Linköping & Jönköping HC Kids. Of all the people we met, we will miss you the most.

Humble & thankful,
We take one final bow.

Teenage Lust was:
Jeroen, Dennie, Gilles, Milly, Fille & Filip.


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