Bridge Nine Records adds Foundation to their roster


“Things are busy here at Bridge Nine and we are more than excited to announce another addition to our roster – Atlanta’s Straight Edge Hardcore stalwarts Foundation. No strangers to to the road, Foundation has been seen on tour all over the country; most notably with Bane and on Have Heart’s final string of shows last Fall. B9 Owner Chris Wrenn said, “We couldn’t be happier to sign Foundation – these guys have been working hard over the last few years and officially caught our attention last summer when we were all blown away by their live show. It’s important for us as a label to have a solid, straight edge hardcore band and Foundation is the best band in that genre right now. Champion and Have Heart did great things for Bridge Nine in the past decade and after their demise we are excited to pass the torch over to Foundation.”

Foundation will be gearing up for a full US tour in May and June alongside Backtrack and Rotting Out before they head to the studio to record their Bridge Nine Records debut. With two releases under their belt (Hang Your Head 7″ and S/T 7″ on Six Feet Under Records) and influences such as Unbroken and Buried Alive, Foundation’s first proper full-length is sure to be one of the best straight-forward hardcore records of the year. Drummer Champ Hammett said, “We can’t wait to finish and record the new LP and tour non-stop – we want to hit all the fests and cover the US, hopefully Europe and other parts of the world. Get ready to see us everywhere in 2010 and beyond.”

Get ready to hear new material from the band that coined as “…pure, unadulterated hardcore with vicious breakdowns, pummeling rhythms, and gruff vocals, replete with shout-outs to straight edge and a little hometown pride…” soon and be sure to check the band out at the United Blood Fest in Richmond, VA this weekend and on tour throughout May and June.”


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