Second Base – Manifesto review

Second Base: Manifesto

CD/EP 2010 Thanks but no Thanks Records

 Hey I’ve been very busy lately but here are a few words about the new Second Base album:

 Manifesto is released by Thanks but no thanks Records. I have to base my opinion on the promo copy of this record with only six songs but I know Second Base for a while now and with every release they grow. The band is one of the few bands left playing some real punkrock, you know catchy, emotional driven, melodic and furious not that emopunkrock pop shit. Okay, true, they also bring acoustic songs like ‘Confused Eyes” . And yes these songs sound a bit poppy but it are nice songs.

 Check out this band and pick up their latest release.


One thought on “Second Base – Manifesto review

  1. Hey mannen, er moet een foutje gebeurd zijn in onze communicatie want bij jullie had wel degelijk een full-cd ipv de promokopie terecht moeten komen… als iemand effe terug een adres mailt dan zorg ik ervoor dat jullie de full krijgen!

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