Good Clean Fun interview at Groezrock 2010

(Source: Groezrock)

Good Clean Fun proves that the combination of vegan straight edge hardcore and humour is possible. They Played an exclusive Belgium show on Groezrock 2010 at it will be their last Belgium show ever. “Its our Final European Tour”, frontman Issa said during our chat a few hours before their show.

OOS: “Did you had any big problems coming to Europe due to the volcanic ash cloud?”

Issa: “Yes we did, we got to Madrid and got stuck in Madrid. We ended up having a rented car and drive to Germany. This is the 4th show of the Tour, we played in Aachen, Germany, went to Moscow and came back to Germany and now we are here in Belgium.”

OOS: “Good Clean Fun is one of the few positive hardcore bands around. Also H2O has an outspoken message about positivism (PMA: positive metal attitude). With both bands playing today it sounds like possi day?”

Issa: “Hahaha … it should be a lot of fun.”

OOS:”GCF is also one of the few bands around that uses humour and self-irony to spread their message. How do you guys stand towards censorship in humour? Are there topics you can’t deal with or are afraid to deal with?

Issa: “Well that’s a hard question to answer. I try to make GCF songs about hardcore because that’s what we all can relate to. We went to Israel on tour and I wrote a song about the situation there. I think it is interesting and I love talking about it, learning about it but hardcore kids are not going to make a difference in that sense. I like to talk about stuff people can relate to on a more personal level, you don’t have to do anything crazy to change the world you can make a few decisions yourself to make a big difference in the world. You know “Song for the ladies” is not about sexism in the whole world, its about sexism in the hardcore scene because that is what we have control of. So I don’t think that there is any topic that we are afraid of but it’s more productive to focus on stuff that we can affect.”

OOS: “In the song ‘I Can’t Wait’, on the ‘On the streets’ album you predicted the GCF future and it all came true except the ‘Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place’, You didn’t predict that one?”

Issa: “yeah that was unpredicted actually haha…”

OOS: “How come you made that record?”

Issa: “Well there are a few different reasons but really what happened was … I was in the car with a friend of mine and an old Fugazi record came on and she said this sounds like Bear VS Shark. I thought that was so funny that I had to write a song about it and I figured I had to write a whole album. So it just sort of happened by mistake.”

OOS: “What is the whole thing about the Good Clean Fun movie?”

Issa: “I have always wanted to make a movie and I really enjoyed it. I have a really hard time explaining to people because they think its a DVD of shows of something like that, but no its a movie, its like a love story its very cute. It is all in English and there’s a lot of talking so if you feel that your English is up to it you should check it out.”

OOS: “Any plans making other movies?”

Issa: “definitely, not about good clean fun but other movies in general. My next movies is about a superhero, I haven’t finished writing it, it’s almost done, its really good.”

This is definitely the last time Good Clean Fun comes to Europe, there might be final shows in other places in 2010 and maybe finally an Asian tour.


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