H2O interview at Groezrock 2010


(source: Groezrock) 

I finally got the opportunity to see one of my all time favourite NYHC bands play: H2O. They are a melodic hardcore band, with a positive state of mind. They released a great album called ‘Nothing To Prove’ two years ago. I also had the opportunity to have a small chat with Adam (bass) just before the AFI show at Groezrock 2010. 

OOS: “You have released your latest album ‘Nothing to Prove’ two years ago. It wasn’t announced as a comeback album but more as a statement of everything the band is and will be. How come it took you seven years to make the album?” 

Adam: “When we stopped touring after the Go! album we never meant to take seven years off, it just kind of happened. We still toured, played some shows, we still kept in touch with each other, so we never broke up. I guess … Toby had a kid, we took some time doing side projects like Hazen Street, … and one day we realized its been a while lets make a new record so we went into the studio and did it.” 

OOS: “H2O is a solid band, it never goes wrong with a H2O album.” 

Adam: “Thanks, I appreciate you saying that but I would say that we made one record that we are not that proud off.” 

OOS: “The Go! album?” 

Adam: “Yeah that could be the record, but one out of five isn’t bad.” 

OOS: “I don’t think that the Go! album is all that bad.” 

Adam: “A lot of people do like it, it’s just my point off view.” 

OOS: “H2O is also an outspoken positive band, with the PMA and all that. With Good Clean Fun its like posi day today.”

Adam: “We try to, we definitely do what we can to keep positive of course life sometimes smashes you around, you get into a negative mindset. When you try to find a solution to your problems, a positive spin on things its gonna be fine. We hope we can help people out with that.”

OOS: “I can agree with the passion before fashion statement because lots off people who are into hardcore, … are more concern about the image instead of the message but what do you want to achieve with all that?”

Adam: “ The song is a call to examine your motives. Say, you are a straight edge kid … its a good question to ask yourself, “Why am I straight edge? Why Am I Vegan?” and if your reason is … well … all of my friends are, its kinda cool or this band I like is.  Well, that’s not really a strong reason. It’s a call to dig a bid deeper, to get in touch with what you’re really about. Now, there is nothing wrong with fashion or taking pride in what you look like, every one has an image, even having no image is an image itself. But it’s about looking deeper and let the image come from your core rather than the image defining who you are.” 



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