Noyalty – The Seas Have No Roads

Noyalty – The Seas Have No Roads
CD 2010 Funtime Records

Noyalty is a Dutch punkrock/hardcore band who released their new full-length album, ‘The Seas Have No Roads’, on the Belgium Funtime Records. It’s the successor to their DIY full-length debut album ‘Between the Broken’.
‘The Seas Have No Roads’ has a powerful and energetic sound with a rock’n’roll edge. Its an ideal mix of fast melodic punkrock and raw energetic sing-a-long hardcore. ‘The Seas Have No Roads’ is characterised by short, uptempo songs (no songs over 3 minutes) and no clean vocals.
Noyalty is not your typical punkrock band but the aggression, the power, the melody and the energy coming from this album makes it a real must have album. ‘The Seas Have No Roads’ will appeal to lots of punkrock and hardcore fans. 8.5/10


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