PN says goodbye!

“the path that we have paved, it’s the end of the road…where noise becomes silence…”

It’s not easy to capture 18 years in a few lines. 18 years of writing music, recording albums, playing shows, doin’ roadtrips all over Europe. 18 years of sharing a small van with a bunch of ‘comrades’ that share the same feeling, passion and dedication. From the familiar-faces-in-the-crowd of our hometown scene in Leuven/Aarschot to some enthousiast crowds in Spain, Denmark, Swiss…. Everyone out there that meant something for us, is flashin’ through my memories… It’s easy to become nostalgic or melancholic about this, but that’s not the purpose. It was one hell of a ride and it seems like yesterday when 4 local kids teamed up to start jammin’ and playing what they considered ‘their favourite kind of music’. Hardcore/punk was something real, something ‘far away from rockstar bullshit’, something they could relate to and still do. A lot has changed musicwise since then, but in the core of all that, the feeling still remained the same…doin’ what you like to do, no restrictions and following your heart. That’s why we feel grateful towards all of you that made PN what we are today…as a band, as musicians, as persons…

THANX for all the great times and we’ll end up with something of our own…”This had to be our last goodbye, so gently close the door behind, shut your eyes, let the road decide…” (Last salute to a first commitment) PN and funtime records invite you to the FINAL SALUTE aka GOODBYE SHOW on the 20 th of november at the SOJO club, eenmeilaan 35, 3010 Kessel-Lo. This fine club always meant a lot and is strongly connected to the PN-history. It would be GREAT to see all of you there and have one hell of a last supper together!!!


PN started out 18 years ago and became a householdname in the Belgian underground scene, known for their intense live sets. They’ve played about 900 shows in and outside of Belgium and toured all over Europe (Spain, Uk, Netherlands, Denmark, Swiss, Germany, France…) They rocked out with zillions of bands, took the stage at festivals like Groezrock, Pukkelpop, Rock Herk, Dour festival, Riorock, Hageland Fest, Rockfest, Funtime Fest, Ieperfest, Frederica fest (dk), M-Town fest (nl) and countless others. During all these years, the band worked together with all kind of national and international labels. PN wants to sincerely thank Midas Records, Underhill records (Spain), Life Sentence Records (usa), Stick to The Core Rcs and last but not least Funtime Records for all the support and great times. Besides that a special thanks goes out to the producers we had the honour of working with, especially Dirk Miers (Dé Studio) and Tony De Block (Midas studio) and to our fabulous roadcrew aka funtime family. The complete PN discography includes up to 15 releases. But all this is rather relative, cause what matters MOST is all of YOU PEOPLE that supported us, from the smallest stage to the biggest crowd, from the DIY promotor to the wellknown festival, from the friends-in-bands to the bands-we-look-up-to …


signing off Jimmy – Jurgen – Bert – Johan – Bram


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