MIDNIGHT SOULS to release debut EP on Reflections!

“When all I have to live for is laid out before me. Life Love Regret, what was it all worthI give it to you for what it’s worth”

We are very excited to start working with one of  Europe’s best new hardcore bands. From day one Belgian act MIDNIGHT SOULS has always been about expressing true emotions in a real way. Inspired by past and present hardcore and punk bands, they poured their hearts and souls into melancholic chords and angstdriven words, creating a raw emotional sound similar to Modern Life Is War, Life Long Tragedy, The Hope Conspiracy…
They took the stage for the first time in the winter of 2009 with no expectations and no idea how the scene would react.
But after selling out their demo in a couple of months and numerous shows with international acts such as The Hope Conspiracy, Defeater, The Carrier, Dead Swans, This Is Hell and many more, it became clear that they tapped into something that was missing, something honest, something pure. Every show has been an explosive exposition of this pure honesty, leaving an impact on every viewer as they walk off stage at the end. Now with their first EP entitled “Colder”, on Reflections Records, MIDNIGHT SOULS starts a new chapter in their story, reflecting on days gone by and days gone wrong. A heartfelt attempt to face up to mistakes of the past, in search of a brighter future. 
MIDNIGHT SOULS – ‘Colder’ EP with artwork from famous artist Linas Garsys (American Nightmare, AFI, Ceremony, Skull Crusher and many others), will be released early summer 2010. More news on pre-orders coming soon!


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