Homer and the Rocket are recording a live DVD at the funtime festival

HOMER and THE ROCKET are recording a LIVE split DVD at the Funtime Festival. This DVD will be released on Thanks But No Thanks Records in december of this year and feature the entire live set at funfest of both bands + a lot of extra’s like some tour features, videoclips, interviews and more… You can also expect some special guests showing up that night…

No need to say both bands will be more than happy to see a lot of familiar faces show up in the crowd to make it a night and a show to remember. And please do show up early cause there are a lot of great bands playing that day like Bear, Millions of Them, Musth, State of Mine, The Maple Room, Red Light Rumors, Lost Department, Noyalty and Exit on the Left…

All info can be found on the funtime website or www.myspace.com/funtimefestival. Info and reservations? : johan@funtimerecords.com

Hope to see you there and keep the punkrock spirit alive!!!


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