The Creepshow – They All Fall Down

The Creepshow – They All Fall Down
CD 2010 People Like You Records/Hellcat Records
Toronto’s female fronted psycho punk rockers ‘the Creepshow’ are back with a new album: 4 years after their 2006 debut record ‘Sell Your Soul’ and 2 years after ‘Run For Your Life’.

The Creepshow brings psychobilly which is a mix of punk rock and rockabilly characterised by lyrical references to science fiction, horror, exploitation films, … But the Creepshow are not your typical old school psychobilly band they are tearing down the boundaries of the psychobilly genre by adding other musical influences to their sound and by not only getting their inspiration from b-movies and early horror films.

Sometimes the Creepshow sound a bit like that great poppy psychobilly band The Horrorpops but without copying them. So if you like the Horrorpops you certainly like the Creepshow with their not so typical old school psychobilly sound. ‘They All Fall Down’ is a classy and divers album with sound blended with 50’s rock’n’roll, punkrock alike backings and sing-a-longs (Get What’s Coming, Someday, Last Change, Dusk ‘Til Dawn…), 60’s pop (Sleep Tight, …), and some ska’ish tunes (Hellbound)
The Creepshow and ”They All Fall Down’ offers an extra value to the psychobilly genre.
1. The Sermon III
2. Get What’s Coming
3. Someday
4. They All Fall Down
5. Last Chance
6. Sleep Tight
7. Dusk ‘til Dawn
8. Keep Dreaming
9. Hellbound
10. Going Down
11. Road to Nowhere

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