Spermbirds – A Columbus Feeling

Spermbirds – A Columbus Feeling

CD 2010 Rookie Records/Cargo Records

The Spermbirds are around for more than 25 years, had their part of ups and down, line-up changes and splits but recently they released their 8th studio longplayer. Their latest album ‘Set an Example’ was released in 2004 and documented the impressive comeback of the bands original line-up and now 6 years later ‘A Columbus feeling’ is a fact.

Again with Lee Hollis on vocals the band sticks to their basics: 80’s hardcorepunk with catchy melodies and a healthy dose of sarcasm, Irony and Intellect but enriched with new musical directions and sounds. With ‘A Columbus Feeling’ the Spermbirds present us Straightforward up and mid-tempo but sometimes out of tune punkrock. A Columbus Feeling is a nice album, it maybe isn’t as good as ‘Something To Prove’ but its still worthy to pick up. Unfortunately the album can not reflect their strong live reputation.

Track Listing:

1. Matter Of Fact

2. Columbus Feeling

3. Stacks & Piles

4. Meet Me In The Middle

5. Can`t live Without it

6. Black In A Rainbow

7. Choose Not To Look

8. Legend Of The Honest Men

9. A Cliff To Jump Off Of

10. Try And Stop Us

11. Strategy For Victory

12. Let Me Think

13. Honestly


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