Cruel Hands – Lock & Key


Cruel Hands – Lock & Key

CD 2010 B9R

Cruel Hands previous album ‘Prying Eyes’ was a real NYHC album with in your face hardcore and some metal influences for the fans of No Turning Back, Madball and the Cro-Mags. With the release of Lock & Key the band, to say it in their own words, “made a natural progression”. Cruel Hands has added some different elements to their music to create a style more of their own. With Lock & Key they just didn’t want to bring out a second ‘Prying Eyes’. To be honest, Lock & Key is a job well done. The album still has the NYHC and Madball mark but the album is more structured, there are more tempo changes and they have put more melody in the songs. There are also some cleaner vocal parts, which makes the album vocally more divers. 8/10


1. Lock & Key

2. Cruel Hand

3. Day Or Darkness

4. Broken Glass

5. Labyrinth

6. One Cold Face

7. Rotations of Hurt

8. Dismissed

9. Two Fold

10. The Bottom


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