Generation 84 – s/t

Generation 84 – s/t

CDEP Funtime Records

Generation 84 is a new Belgium punkrock / melodic hardcore band with punk and hardcore scene veterans that already deserved their stripes in bands as Victims of Society, Not That Straight, … Generation 84 is a bunch of experienced musicians fronted by one fine vocalist who just released their debut EP on Funtime Records.

So far so great but it even gets better because this mini CD is one of the finest Belgium records I’ve heard in months. It has everything I expect from a good punkrock/hardcore record: strong songs, diversity, tempo changes, resting points, good and clean vocals and just a few well placed screams. Generation 84 is also one of those few bands that brings the passion back into punkrock and hardcore music. They are not another shallow punkrock band that sings about girls or stupid TV shows but about useless violence, dictatorial oppression, loss, … Songs as Colonist, Ghetto Backyard grab you by the throat and the sensitive, breathtaking Guidelines is goose bums guaranteed.

Generation 84 is a good mix of Rise Against alike punkrock and Boy Sets Fire alike heartcore. There is just one thing I don’t like about this album: it’s to short.


1. Colonist
2. Athabasca
3. Ghetto Backyard
4. Generation 84
5. Your Suit, My Body Bag
6. Guidelines


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