REVIEW: Ingraved – Onryou

Ingraved – Onryou

CD 2010 Power Pain Records

Ingraved is an Italian metal band who, after years of struggle in the underground metal scene and through personal troubles, is ready to conquer the rest of the world. Its a band with a mission: “to mix modern extreme metal and hardcore elements into engaging atmospheres and to bring an attitude based on commitment, friendship and respect onto the stage.” Ingraved’s foundation is death and trash metal with some hardcore and nu-metal elements. They definitely are a metal band and not another metalcore band, that just invented the wheel. So two thumbs up for that. Onryou is a powerful, heavy and groovy album. It can use a little more variation, the whole is a bit dull sometimes, but I didn’t get bored after a few songs so again thumbs up.


1. Bad Karma
2. Onryou
3. Kawaii
4. The Burden
5. Cold Black Fingers
6. Tsuna-Me
7. Redemption
8. Showtime For My Apocalypse
9. The Cure
10. Of A Promise Broken


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