REVIEW: Musth – Padjelanta

Musth – Padjelanta

CD 2010 Funtime Records

Musth is a new band on the Funtime roster. This Leuven/Aarschot/Brussels based band is hard to define because Musth is a band that likes to experiment with different genres and instruments. With elements of hardcore, postrock and metal the band can be placed into the sludge/postcore scene. The songs on Padjelanta are multilayerd and well build up. The music in general is heavy and modest at the same time, it has a doomy, dark and dreamy atmosphere partly due to the sometimes excessive use of instrumental parts. Padjelanta is a very interesting album that certainly will appeal to the sludge/postrock fans but for me it sometimes was a bit of a drag. 7.5/10


1. Gurdjieff’s march
2. Thunder
3. Gospel in D
4. Padjelanta
5. The young man and the sea
6. Sex on Drugs
7. The crazy kids of war
8. Bliss …


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