REVIEW: The Ignored – Act Like You Care

The Ignored – Act Like You Care

CD 2010

In these times of fashion punkrock and hardcore, it is nice to see (and hear) that there still are young bands around that have something meaningful to say. The young Belgium punkrock/hardcore band, The Ignored, is one of those bands who does not shun socially engaged and socially critical lyrics.

In 2006 they released a demo ‘Ignite Your Life’, followed by a split CD with Face The Fax in 2008 and earlier this year (October) they released their debut full length: ‘Act Like You Care’. The album was recorded in Slovenia.

‘Act like you care’ is a varied album: melodic sing-a-long punkrock alternate nicely with aggressive and straight-in-your-face punk and hardcore tunes with here and there a dash of Streetdogs and H2O.

So pick-up this nice record, raise your fists and sing/scream-a-long. 8/10


  1. Yes They Could
  2. Family Values Seen From A Different Angle
  3. More Than Unity
  4. Her Life, Your Profit
  5. The Mark Of Judas
  6. Act Like You Care
  7. The Day He Felt Superior
  8. Utopia Brings Comfort (To Some)
  9. Confessions Of A Carnivore
  10. The Wrong Choice

One thought on “REVIEW: The Ignored – Act Like You Care

  1. I’ve seen them a few times and I must say it’s a great band indeed, go see a live concert when you’re able to !

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