REVIEW: Flatfoot 56 – Black Thorn

FLATFOOT 56 – Black Thorn

CD 2011 PLY Records

Although Flatfoot 56 is around since 2000, I only knew the band by name and a few songs I heard in the past. Flatfoot 56 is not just another Celtic streetpunk band inspired by The Pogues or the Dubliners and I’m glad to hear that they are not another Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly Clone. Sometimes they sound like a Celtic punk version of the Streetdogs and sometimes its like listening to Social Distortion with mandolins and some bagpipes. Black Thorn is a great album for the Celtic punk fans who also like Social Distortion and the Streetdogs. I’m hooked.

01. The Escape (Intro)
02. Black Thorn
03. Born For This
04. Courage
05. Smoke Blower
06. The Hourglass
07. Shiny Eyes
08. We Grow Stronger
09. Son Of Shame
10. Stampede
11. You Won Me Over
12. Way Of The Sun
13. Hot Head
BONUS: Distortions (Europe Only)


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