REVIEW: Roger Miret and The Disasters – Gotta Get Up Now

Roger Miret And The Disasters – Gotta Get Up Now

CD 2011 PLY Records

For more then 8 years now Roger Miret And The Disasters is NYHC legend and Agnostic Front’s front man Roger Miret’s second band. Gotta Get Up Now is their 4th studio release and again it is full of street punk and street rock’n’roll anthems. The band is still tapping out of the same musical barrel of punk, oi, hardcore and street rock’n’roll, bands like Cock Sparrer and Rancid have always inspired their sound. Also the Clash is a big inspiration, the title song has a a lot of similarities with ‘Rudie can’t Fail’ from the Clash. This is also the only song on the album with a reggae touch. Although ‘Gotta Get up Now’ is a good streetcore album it all sounds a bit cliché after 4 releases both musically as lyrically. Gotta Get Up Now is more of the same, streetpunk with a hardcore touch.


  1. Stand Up And Fight
  2. The Enemy
  3. We’re Gonna Find A Way
  4. Faded
  5. Gotta Get Up Now
  6. My Own Way
  7. Outcast Youth
  8. Tales Of A Short Haired Boy
  9. Tonight’s The Night
  10. Bare – Knuckle Brawler
  11. Red White And Blue
  12. Road To Nowhere
  13. City Soldiers


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