REVIEW: Fokkum – Notice Yourself

Fokkum – Notice Yourself

CDR 2011 DIY

Fokkum is a Dutch skatecore, crust, punk band that is around since 1996 and they have released several CDS, splits, …. ‘Notice Yourself’ is their latest CDR and Currently the band is working on a full-length CD called ‘Paradise’.

‘Notice Yourself’ is recorded and released in the true DIY punk spirit. Its not a well produced or well mixed record but that’s punk right?! Musically ‘Notice Yourself’ (and Fokkum) is an interesting mixture of old school melodic hardcore, some metal, crust and straightforward punk. Although I expected grunts, screams or screeching voices, Fokkum only uses clean vocals.

‘Notice yourself’ isn’t bad but it lacks some tightness and quality to really stand out. Unfortunately there are better punk bands around but you can hear that Fokkum is an enthusiastic punkband with the DIY spirit on the right place and that is cool. You can check the band for yourself on:


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