REVIEW: WR3 – Only The Hard Way

WR3 – Only The Hard Way
CD 2010 Wardance Productions & Fakto Records

WR3’s ‘Thank You Mister President’ MCD was well received by Out Of Step. Since this a lot has changed: Reloaded’ (2007) was released, the band renewed their line-up, some young blood entered the band and  ‘Only the Hard Way’ was released in 2010.

In comparison to ‘thank you mister president’ a slightly change in style can be noticed: ‘Only the hard way’ sounds less punk but more punk’n’roll with some hardrock/metal influences (even the artwork looks very metal).

Musically it’s all well done, WR3 is definetely reborn or must I say re loaded. The slightly renewed style sounds fresher than before and the songs are catchy and more divers. Unfortunately the lyrics of ‘Only The Hard Way’ has little to offer and that’s a real pitty. If the band had put more effort in the lyrics ‘Only the hard way’ certainly would score better.


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