REVIEW: Mother of Mercy – IV Symptoms of Existence

Mother of Mercy – IV Symptoms of Existence

CD 2011 Bridge Nine Records

Earlier this year Mother of Mercy, a Philadelphia based band, released their Bridge Nine Debut: IV Symptoms of Existence. Morther of Mercy was formed in the Spring of 2007 and this is already their fourth full-length. In 2010 the band signed to Bridge Nine Records to take it all a step further.

The band plays plays straight forward, aggressive metallic hardcore, a combination of nineties hardcore and brutal metal. They are not one of those metalcore bands that drown their listeners in complexity, its all very basic and simple. But in this case basic is good. The raw vocals, the driving rhythms and the simple riffs and song structures makes from ‘Symptoms of Existence’ a brutal, intense and catchy album with a dark atmosphere.

Although I’m not always a big metalcore fan I really appreciate this record. With Mother of Mercy’s ‘IV Symptoms of Existence’ less is more.



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