INTERVIEW: Smile and Burn (DE)

I was contacted with the request of doing an interview with the German band ‘Smile and Burn’. After listening to some songs on the internet, I send the guys some questions and here’s the result (Pictures by SAB):

OOS: “Smile And Burn is a five piece pop punk band from Berlin (DE). Please introduce the band and how did ‘Smile And Burn’ came to its existence?”

SAB: “Hello, this is Wolli and Christoph from Smile And Burn. First of all, thank you so much for doing this interview with us! Smile And Burn. The band was founded in 2008. We all have been friends before, went to shows together and supported each others old bands. At some point we took the chance to play music together, wrote the first songs and whooop, here we are. Sometimes it’s that easy.”

OOS: What influence ‘Smile And Burn musically and or lyrically? I guess, looking at the song titles, that humour is important to the band?”

SAB: “Our musical background is strongly grounded on bands like NoFX, Latterman and Belvedere. They shaped us, leaded us to start playing instruments and showed us what’s possible. But we all listen to other stuff as well. We love punk rock but know that there’s plenty of other stuff worth to check out.

Philipps lyrics aren’t that funny as our music might suggest. We love to have fun and joke around but the topics which Philipp sings about are more serious and touch us all in the band. For example the first song on our album ‘Dear Sheppard’ is about how fucked up religion is and how people are mislead by mostly money and power greedy people.”

OOS: “Your debut record ‘Flight Attempt Of The Kiwi’ has been released in 2010 on a small German label called ‘Fond Of Life Records’. This label also released records from Antillectual, High Five Drive, This is a Standoff, … Can you tell me how this cooperation was realized?”

SAB: “Fond of Life Records is a blueprint for a hard working and energetic label with an DIY kind of attitude which is missing in current times so often. He has put out almost 50 records and never jumped on the hype wagon. You can’t find a band on this label which is not fitting and Joe, the founder, has a strong personal contact to each of them.

This label is by far the best thing that happened to us so far. I knew Joe for a long time before and when we had our first musical output the interests was there to cooperate. Joe is the best thing that can to bands like us which have no real experience releasing albums. His label is not that small as you might think. He has already put out a lot and has a strong distribution in the UK and even worldwide!”

OOS: “Will the record also be available/released in the Benelux?”

SAB: “Yes. You can get it via You can order it online there or go to the shops which are listed on that website. You can order merch directly from us or our website as well. We would love to send something to the Benelux.”

OOS: “You are on a tour in the UK now. Why did you decided to release ‘Flight Attempt Of The Kiwi’ as a limited edition 12″ vinyl, just for this tour?”

SAB: “No, we didn’t made the 12“ just for the tour. I think we planned this release for a long time now. The tour was maybe some kind of an accelerator to finally force us to chase this plan. Since we recorded ‘Flight Attempt of the Kiwi’ we were sure that we want a 12“. We talked with Joe from Fond Of Life about that and he was in and were happy. Really happy.”

OOS: “You are already planning a new record later this year. Can you tell us more about it?”

SAB: “We don’t have any exact schedule or plans for new stuff to be released in the near future. We are not that band which sits 4 weeks only in the rehearsal room or in the studio and writes a record which is recorded afterwards. Our song writing process is more complex and we write new stuff constantly while rehearsing. Sometimes we even don’t like the songs after maybe a month and we completely rearrange them or forget them.

We want to write music which we would like to hear and play and this is sometimes quite difficult. You don’t want songs to be too simple because you don’t want to repeat all that stupid bullshit everyone is doing to get some attention. Bands which try something new will stuck in heads and minds. Luckily a hook line plus a sing along isn’t a hit right away and that’s why we force or challenge ourselves to take time to write new stuff.”

OOS: “Any other plans for the future and some final shout outs?”

SAB: “We are working on some plans for supporting our biggest idols from Germany. Famous bands like ‘Schmatzen’ or ‘Muffensausen’ are willing to have us as their support act and we are honoured to play with them. I hope those things will work out and we can announce some shit soon.”

Thank you, Wolli & Christoph, SMILE AND BURN


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