(pictures W.R.3)

OOS: “Since our previous interview in 2005 a lot has changed: new records were released but you also had some line-up changes. How has this affected the band?”

Fab and W.R.3: “This has affected the band in many ways. It has changed our way of thinking, our way of listening to other bands, our way of writing music and our way ,… 3 new guys were added to the band in 2008, while 3 others left. All the new guys are much younger than Fab and Wim, who are in the band from the very first day. So that’s a big change. The young guys have lot of different influences and different styles.”

OOS: “The music industry has changed a lot over the years: the internet and declining CD sales, trends that come and go, … Is it hard for a small Belgium band to deal with these changes?”

Fab and W.R.3: “Yes and no. Its not hard to keep doing what you do, to play small venues, sell some CD’s and t-shirts to the local people. But yes cause it keeps getting harder to get recognition. 30 years ago there were only a few ways of getting to new bands: go see shows and buy their tapes. Nowadays you just you tube them or my-space them. It’s a good thing as well, cause you are connected with lots more people, (actually the whole world)… it’s a knife that cuts on both sides…”

OOS: “How do you keep motivated as a band to do what you do and keep on going after all these years (more then 30 years now)?”

Fab and W.R.3: “2 weeks ago we celebrated a little band-thing-anniversary and we e-mailed our best, funniest, creepiest, scariest, sexiest WR3-moments to each other… It’s really great to read these mails and to make that mail yourself to the other members of the band. That’s when you know you’re rocking and rolling. It’s the fun that keeps us going.”

OOS: “Your latest CD ‘Only The Hard Way’ was released in 2010. Where does the title refer to?”

Fab and W.R.3: “I’m revealing a secret now: When we were recording the album, we still didn’t had a proper title. One day our roadie, Sjorsj, was watching a porn movie in the studio. You’ll never guess the tittle of the movie …?

yup…you’ve got it :-)”

OOS: “This year you are going as support band on the ‘unleash the beast’ tour with the Dutch Iron Maiden tribute band ‘Up the Irons’. How was this collaboration realized?”

Fab and W.R.3: “The collaboration was realized with our booking agency WD Bookings and JBM Events.”

OOS: “Any special plans for the future?”

Fab and W.R.3: “Play play, drink, record, play, drink, record, drink drink drink, play, drink, play,…. (did i mentioned: drink and play?)……..”



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