GROEZROCK celebrates its 20th birthday with a compilation album

I mentioned it here before but GROEZROCK celebrates its 20th birthday with a compilation album:

GROEZROCK blows its twentieth candle! What started with the Dinky Toys in 1992 has grown into one of the biggest alternative festivals of Europe. To this day, Groezrock still stands for two days of the best punk and hardcore the world has to offer – just like it has these past 20 years. The compilation record GROEZROCK – 20 TRACKS OF MAYHEM is the perfect reflection of this; the album consists of a unique collection of many of the musical highlights that have graced the stage of the festival over the last 20 years. 20 TRACKS OF MAYHEM will be on sale exclusively at the GROEZROCK festival (22/23th of April) and is limited to 500 copies. A true collector’s item!

This compilation is the work of KIM MANDIAU, senior year student of music management at PHL-MUSIC. The album will be released on THANKS BUT NO THANKS RECORDS (BE) and consists of the following tracks:

01. No Cigar – Millencolin
02. Remedy – Hot Water Music
03. Suits And Ladders – NOFX
04. Take The Night Off – Sick Of It All
05. Wake The Dead – Comeback Kid
06. True Believers – Bouncing Souls
07. Drunken Lullabies – Flogging Molly
08. American Hearts – Blacklist Royals
09. Cute Without The “E” (Cut From The Team) – Taking Back Sunday
10. The Speakers – Cornflames
11. Skate Or Die – Teenage Bottlerocket
12. 911 For Peace – Anti-Flag
13. Requiem – Boy Sets Fire
14. Bleeding – Ignite
15. I’m Your Opposite Number – Strike Anywhere
16. Keepers Of The Faith – Terror
17. I Live In Hell – Dear Landlord
18. Summon Monsters – Less Than Jake
19. Master Celebrator – No Fun At All
20. Wake Up – Story Of The Year

Orders can be placed via For more information, please visit or mail us at


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