REVIEW: Blitzkid – apparitional

Blitzkid – apparitional

CD 2011 People Like You Records

This West Virginia (USA) based horror-punk band is going strong for more then 13 years and recently they released a new album called ‘Apparitional’ on People Like You Records.

Blitzkid’s ‘Apparitional’ is not what I really expected from a horror-punk band. Certainly Blitzkid is a horror themed band but I expected a heavier and more aggressive sound to back it up.

Listening to Blitzkid, horror-punk does not suit the band completely. Sure, they are a horror themed band but their sound is just more punk rock. ‘Apparitional’ is a great and divers album. Its a collection of melodic and catchy poppunk songs, a mix of sing-along anthems, haunting melodies and great harmonies that transcend the horror-punk genre.

Blitzkid’s Apparitional is major league horror themed punkrock. 8.5/10

Track listing:

1. Head Over Hills

2. They’re All Dead

3. Blutsauger

4. The Awakening

5. Mr. Sardonicus

6. Mr. Gore

7. The Bat Whispers

8. Wretched

9. Perfect Sleep

10. Moonlite Veins

11. Cedar Bluff

12. Jane Doe # 9

13. Casque Of Amontillado

14. Iscariot

15. She Won’t Stop Bleeding


One thought on “REVIEW: Blitzkid – apparitional

  1. generally most horror punk bands stay away from the more aggressive sounding songs and go for a more melodic sound. They do throw in a heavy song or two though.

    It’s not unusual that this album isn’t that aggressive. It’s the more aggressive albums that are unusual. (The Misfits album Earth A.D. is a fine example of this)

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