REVIEW: The DeVilles

The DeVilles

Mini CDEP 2010

In August 2010 The DeVilles, a solid rock trio from Keerbergen (BE) founded in 2008, released their first mini-EP with three songs: ‘Second Life’, ‘Jerry’ and ‘Take out your Blues’. These three youngsters sound like they grew up with their dads record collections full of sixties rock and greasy blues. They take you on a trip to the origins of rock’n’roll music.

There are a lot of good rock bands in Belgium nowadays, think Triggerfinger, the Black Box Revelation, … but The DeVilles are in my opinion one of the most promising local rock bands at this moment. The DeVilles can stand their ground with their well-written, catchy and greasy blues rock’n’roll. Based on this mini-EP and their outstanding live shows I’m sure they will be picked up soon by some record label or the national radio.

Keep your eyes and ears open boys and girls because the DeVilles will rock your town.


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