REVIEW: Customized – Guess who’s back

Customized – Guess who’s back

CD 2011 DIY

Customized is a young punkrock band hailing from the Hamont region in Belgium. Since their existence in 2004 they released two demo’s: ‘the black box’ (2005) and ‘Life’s a game’ (2007. ‘Guess who’s back’ is the bands first full length.

The music on Guess who’s back is influenced by divers punk and Oi bands like Funeral Dress, Rancid, the Agitators, Evil Conduct, … Musically and lyrically Customized fits perfectly in the streetpunk genre so no real surprises here (they even thrown in some Ska in a song or two).

Within the streetpunk/Oi genre Customized is a promising band, their songs are catchy, they keep sticking in your head and you will be singing along in no time. Guess who’s back is a nice record that doesn’t get bored after a few spins.


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