REVIEW: Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

CD 2011 Bridge Nine Records

Massachusetts-based Defeater has recently released their new album: Empty Days & Sleepless Nights through Bridge Nine Records. The band’s second full-length is divided into two parts: Empty Days (10 tracks) and Sleepless Nights (4 acoustic tracks).

The CD comes inside a 64 page paperback book, a really nice extra. The book really enhance their narrative song writing style which they have become masters in.

Empty Days & Sleepless Nights tells the story about an American post-World War II working class family. We were first introduced to these characters in Defeater’s debut Travels (2008).

This is again dark, aggressive, emotional, desperate, melodramatic and not easy to chew hardcore (except of the four acoustic tracks) of the highest level. The kind of hardcore we also known from bands as Modern Life Is War but Defeater just brings it to a higher level. Never mind Modern Life is War and Co, here’s Defeater.


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