REVIEW: Crimson Falls – Fragments of Awareness

Crimson Falls – Fragments of Awareness

CD 2011 Rising Records

Although the core-business from the Out Of Step Fanzine isn’t metal orientated, we like some metal from time to time and aren’t afraid to pay attention to metal, certainly not when it are Belgium metal bands. So in support of the Belgium metal scene, here are a few words on the Crimson Falls release ‘Fragments of Awareness’.

The album was already released in 2009 on Genet Records and is now (on the 27th of May) released on Rising Records, it will be widely available outside Belgium and the Netherlands. Fans of furious guitars, rough vocals and very energetic, melodic, brutal death metal with a healthy dose of hardcore who hasn’t already picked up this decent Belgium metal album can pick this up without hesitating. A good record for the metalheads and the hardcore moshers.


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