REVIEW: Part Time Killer – People, Religion, Death

Part Time Killer – People, Religion, Death

CD 2011 Longplay Music

Part Time Killer is a Finnish hardcore punk band that recently released their new record ‘People, Religion, Death’. Its the band’s debut full-length. Part Time Killers started out in 2008 when their previous band ‘Flippin’ Beans’ ended after 11 years.

Listening to ‘People, Religion, Death’ is musically taking a trip to Memory Lane and re-living the mid-nineties, the days when skatepunk and Swedish punkrock was at his peak. Bands from those days like Lagwagon, Pennywise, Bad Religion, … come to mind when I’m listening to this record and Part Time Killer’s passionate and furious fast melodic punk rock would nicely fit in this era.

‘People, Religion, Death’ is one big criticism towards our society ruled by anger, hate, war, religion, shallowness and ignorance. You can say that ‘People, Religion, Death’ is a political album but its not overdone.

‘People, Religion, Death’ is a record for the punrockers who care. 8/10


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