REVIEW: Foundation – When the Smoke Clears

Foundation – When the Smoke Clears

CD 2011 Bridge Nine Records

Atlanta’s Straight Edge Hardcore band Foundation has recently released their Bridge Nine debut ‘When the Smoke Clears’ after releasing a few 7”’s on Six Feet Under records and Bridge Nine Records. TheHang Your Head’7′ is also been re-released by the Belgium label Control Records.

‘When the Smoke Clears’ is a collection of brutal, heavy and aggressive 90s influenced hardcore/metalcore. Its a powerful record that will be appreciated by fans of Brutal hardcore but when you are looking for something more within this genre you will be disappointed and you will be better off with bands like Cruel Hand. 7/10

 Track List:

  1. Purple Heart
  2. At Your Mercy
  3. Devotion II
  4. A Thousand Ways
  5. Anthem For Redemption
  6. Calloused
  7. No Cure For Fools
  8. No One Writes Protest Songs Anymore
  9. Never Stops Raining
  10. The Sound Of Arson

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