Fanzine Nostalgia

When I first came in touch with hardcore and punkrock I got most of my information about the scene and the bands involved from fanzines. Since then I find it very interesting to look for zines at hardcore or punkrock shows and I even started my own. Lately its becoming difficult to find zines in the distro’s, … It seems like in these days of internet blogs most people lost their interest, both in making or reading hardcore/punk/rock zines.

When it comes to zines I specially like to cut ‘n paste ones, I guess its nostalgia in a way but I don’t mind the quality of a computer made one. Personally I like to make them the old fashioned way.

Enough said, here are some webpages of zines you have to check out: Against the Haze, Some will never known, Living in Gomorrah, Milkshake Fanzine, Tales of Shatou. More to come.


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