REVIEW: Mosquito – Gratitude of the Doleful

Mosquito – Gratitude of the Doleful

EP 2011 DIY

Mosquito, formed in 2008, is a Belgium rock duo with Kevin Imbrechts on guitar and Nico Kennes on drums and vocals. ‘Gratitude of the Doleful’ is the band’s fourth EP.

Mosquito is mostly inspired by bands like Kyuss and Queens of The Stone Age but they have created a experimental rock sound of their own: sometimes its more stoner rock, sometimes more sludge(metal) and sometimes more indie rock.

The lack of a bass in the rhythm section doesn’t make their music less worthy, on the contrary the guitars and the drums are powerful enough to produce a strong doomy, dormant but rocking sound.

For the fans of rock with a face of its own based on stoner, sludge, indie or whatsoever. 7.5/10

Track list:

– The doleful

– In October

– Serotonin

– One Hundred

– Delusion

More info:


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