REVIEW: A Strength Within – Still Searching

A Strength Within – Still Searching

7” 2011 Perspective Records

A Strength Within (est. in 2009) is a Belgium hardcore band from Leuven. In 2010 they released a first EP ‘Never Lose Sight’ on Burning Season Records (AUT) and recently they released their new 7” Still Searching’ on Perspective Records (BE). The CD version is available through Thailand’s ‘Holding On Records’ but the 7” has a download code.

Four tracks of fast, raw and dark hardcore punk is what ‘Still Searching’ has to offer. The atmosphere coming from this 7” is dark, a bit melancholic but not in an apocalyptic and nihilistic way. Their message about equality, living your own life, leaving a mark, caring , surging your place, … are placed against a raw view on our society. … Maybe I’m not making a lot of sense here 🙂

On ‘Still Searching’, A Strength Within is not annoying us with some nihilistic and dragging hardcore but entertaining us with some furious and dark but groovy sounding hardcore punk. A good 7” from a very promising band.

Track list:
1. Never Forget
2. Still Searching
3. Different Directions
4. Retrospect


One thought on “REVIEW: A Strength Within – Still Searching

    19NOVEMBER 2011

    The Setup [be, GSR]
    A Strength Within [be, Perspective/Holding On]
    Countdown [be, Power Sludge/Shock Survival]
    Homer [be, Funtime]
    The Ignored [be, Funtime]
    Dead End Sin [be]

    Doors: 18u00
    Dead End Sin: 18u15-18u45
    The Ignored: 19u00-19u30
    Homer: 19u45-20u15
    Countdown: 20u30-21u00
    A Strength Within: 21u15-21u45
    The Setup: 22u00-22u40


    Engels Plein 5 (Vaartkom)
    3000 Leuven

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