REVIEW: SS-Kaliert – Subzero

SS-Kaliert – Subzero
CD 2011 People Like You Records

‘Subzero’ is the third studio album from this provocative German punk band that started out in 2003. I’m not very familiar with this band but I can tell you this: Subzero is a hard record, a real slap in the face.

The straightforward hardcore-punk on Subzero is not something you will fall asleep to because the songs are fast and furious. It is raw, rough, angry and mean. It maybe isn’t all that original but it is Punk with a capital P.

This ass kicking hardcore-punk will appeal to the fans of street and anarcho punk bands like the Casualties and the Exploited but also hardcore fans will be attracted by the hardcore drive in the sound.

Track list:

1. Vorhang Auf

2. Es Es-Kaliert


4. Burn Down

5. Sayonara

6. Make Them Crash

7. S********

8. Der Parasit

9. IDH2

10. Russian Roulette

11. Unnerwegs

12. Good News (Ladies & Gentleman)

13. Jetzt Oder Nie!


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