REVIEW: A Road To Damascus – s/t

A Road To Damascus: s/t

CD 2011 DIY

A Road To Damascus is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark formed in 2009. They already released the EP ‘So Damn Close’ in 2010 and recently they released their self-titled debut album.

Calling ‘A road To Damascus’ a rock band is probably the easiest way to describe this band and their sound but based on the divers sound on their s/t debut album, a better description would be: a mix of post-hardcore/screamo and pop(punk)rock. Quite a mouth full.

The album is a good collection of hard-hitting energetic rock and catchy pop melodies. It is an interesting mix of good and catchy melodies, clean vocals, piercing screams and pounding breakdowns. I mostly like the harder and rougher hardcore inspired parts but I also appreciate the poppy melodies in the softer parts. This musical cocktail is a listening pleasure to the ear.

Track list:

  1. Decelerate
  2. New Perspective
  3. When There’s Nothing Left To …
  4. What A Waste Of Breath
  5. Talk Is Cheap
  6. No Wonder
  7. Head High, Hands Down
  8. The Best Is Yet To Come
  9. Forever And Another Day


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